When it comes to complications related to respiratory viral infections it seems that most people now understand that it is an over-reactive inflammatory response, causing damage to lung tissue and/or too much fluid on the lungs, which often is the root cause of death in such cases. Doctors will sometimes refer to the underlying immune over-reaction as a ‘cytokine storm.’  

Out on the web, tons of medical studies and published research shows that one of the key drivers of that inflammation is a cytokine called Interluekin-6 or IL-6 for short.  

In China, to treat Coronavirus patients, doctors have been using a pharmaceutical that quells this ‘cytokine storm.’ The drug they have been using is called Tocilizumab, which is classified as an ‘Anti-IL-6’ drug.

And luckily there is a cheap, natural vitamin which you can take, in large doses, to help reduce IL-6. And that vitamin is Vitamin D3.  

There is also a ton of research, peer reviewed medical studies, on this affect of D3, all across the web. Just Google D3 and IL-6 or D3 and Immunity, infection, virus, etc.  

But here is one article –

For peace of mind get yourself some vitamin D3. Get enough to where you can take 5,000 to 10,000 IUs a day, at least that much while dealing with a serious infection. It is absorbed best with a meal, rather than an empty stomach. Get it and put it on the shelf. And if you get sick and the cough gets really bad and painful, you feel a lot of congestion in your chest, then start mega-dosing it. You can also take it all the time. I take it every day. But remember, Vitamin D will not prevent you from getting sick. I would only take mega-doses of it once I got sick and started to feel really sick. Vitamin D, in large doses, can indeed have a dramatic impact on your immune response. But again, many people take lower doses of it every day. And, as everyone knows, it’s the same vitamin our body produces from sunlight exposure.

Other smart things to do – take a good probiotic. Stop eating extra sugar, drop dairy and cheese as well as grains, except rice.

A few other great supplements for viral infections, and some of their potential side effects, are IP-6, Resveratrol and Lauric Acid, just to name a few.

It is confirmed that doctors in Asia have also now successfully used another pharmaceutical drug off-label to treat Coronavirus – which also blocks IL-6. Chloroquine is the drug and in the literature documented on this drug you can see that it also targets IL-6 with the aim of lowering it.

Good collection of information about other things you can take or do to lower IL-6.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. This information is for people who are comfortable managing some of their own healthcare choices. Everyone’s body and biochemistry are unique. Always consult your doctor for any of your medical concerns.